What Is Hard Water? How Alkara Soft Treats The Water

Hard water which contains high dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause to buildup Lime scale. Scale and corrosion is the big enemy of pipes and plumbing fixtures in every home and apartment. Scale formation damages pipes, home appliances and industrial machinery which relates to water, it irritates you and wastes your time and money with unnecessary plumber expenditure and it leads to heavy electricity bills and heavy loss with reinvestment on equipment.

Alkara makes your water soft conditioner without using salt and chemicals. Traditional softeners treat hard water through a chemical process using salt and chemicals that can be harmful to the skin, sewer or septic systems. Alkara retains minerals that are essential to good health, and prevents/removes scale and avoids clogging in existing pipes and plumbing fixtures! Alkara Ready to treat all kind of hard water problems.

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Protects Pipes and plumbing fixtures

Alkara protects the pipes and fixtures from pipe corrosion. Removes existing scale, enhances pipes life span and efficiency, faster water heating, increase water flow, gives crystal clear water. Protects and Increases efficiency of geysers, water heaters, steam generators, washing machines, industrial machinery, tanks, irrigation pipe equipment and sprinkler systems. It avoids frequent repairs, lesser electricity bills, no replacement & saves time and money.

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Hard water problems in swimming pool

• Hard water causes hair fall, makes your hair and skin dry ,itchy and unhealthy, and prevents hair growth of pool users. Alkara soft water makes your hair smooth, silky and healthy, prevents hair fall and discolor of skin.
• Prevents and Removes Mineral cloudy stains on pool walls, avoids frequent cleaning and lessen the pool maintenance charges. Promotes crystal clear healthy water.

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Hard water effects plant growth in Garden

• Plants absorb the water and fertilizers perfectly, promote healthy plant growth and Crop production. Increases taste and size of fruits, vegetables and perfect flower blooming.
• Prevents scale formation, blocking, removes exist scale water and allows perfect water flow of dripper and sprinkler
• Removes and controls algae from ponds, gives crystal clear water ,protects the beauty of ponds.

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Improves Aqua production boost your profits.

Improves of the oxygen levels of the water & avoids fish from suffocation, enhances the growth and weight of chicks, hens, fish and prawns,Gives crystal clear healthy water, Better ph level maintains.

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Industrial usage benefits

• Avoids hard water problems meet your specific industrial requirements. Keeps cooling towers, piping and condensers clean, saves time, electricity and maintenance costs. Maintains low bacteria levels by eliminating biofilm
• Improves the longevity and performance of your equipment and Reduces energy costs.

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Why Alkara

Maintenance Required Not Required
Wastage of Water Yes No Wastage
Salts & Chemicals Yes No
Eco Friendly No Yes
Removes Existing Scale Cannot Removes
Prevents New Scale Buildup Cannot Prevents
Required Space for Unit Much Space Occupies Smart & Portable
Water Usage Limited Unlimited

No matter what application or equipment , we can make it
no matter what problems you are facing with hard water, we have a solution!