Linco believes in continuous innovation as the key driving force for success. We take every challenge as an opportunity to exceed ourselves and firmly believe that we are best positioned to be the world in wellness solutions. Today, our customer base clearly indicates that Linco is ranked as the best wellness solution company in India.
Now we have launched ALKARA Natural soft water conditioner and drinking water purification systems with GERMAN Technology. Our new innovative Technology gives best solution to the problems of hard water and drinking water.
ALKARA presenting you domestic and commercial soft water conditioner and drinking water solutions, ALKARA technical experts visit your place and give you the right inputs which suits your water needs.

Alkara Complete range of Domestic & Commercial soft water conditioner solutions:

•   Domestic Customized Alkara soft water solutions.
•   Agriculture customized Alkara soft water Solutions
•   Industrial Customized Alkara Soft water solutions
•   Pool Customized Alkara Soft water solutions
•   Aqua Alkara water solutions for better productivity

Alkara Complete range of Domestic & Commercial drinking water solutions:

•   Alkara RO + Alkaline
•   Alkara pot
•   Alkara Jug
•   Alkara Ionizer
•   Hot and Cold Alkaline water dispenser.


Our mission is to help to solve hard water and drinking water problems through Eco friendly technology for Residential purpose, Commercial purpose, Industrial purpose, Agricultural purpose, Aqua and Poultry, Swimming pool applications by providing new innovative technology products with sales, service and installations.

Thus our small effort can contribute reduction of carbon footprint environment to protect us from greenhouse effect.


Our vision is to resolve hard water and drinking water problems for domestic and commercial segments in India by providing highest quality products with service support. We take utmost care for ensuring safety of our valuable customers. During the last two decades we have specialized in designing, manufacturing and erecting state-of-art wellness solutions. Linco’s high profile engineers have built sophisticated systems, which are backed by a rapid response army of service personal to ensure that your domestic and commercial operations continue uninterruptedly.