ALKARA soft water softener conditioner solution for swimming pool.

• Alkara natural water treatment system makes your pool clean and enhances water clarity of pool • Within short period your pool will be sparkling, crystal clear and a delight to swim in refreshing spring water feel. • Alkara water makes so easy to pool cleaning, without having or low use of brushing. You can save money electricity, manpower and 50% saving in chemicals and pump running time. • Low cost, no maintenance no further expeditors • Soft water prevents build up scale formation, causes clog and pipe corrosion.

Protects Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

• removes and avoids from buildup scale formation, clog and pipe corrosion in your pool’s pipes and filters and encourages to free water flow. • Avoids damages and frequent repairs, Improves efficiency of pool water heaters.

Alkara soft water protects and improves skin and hair health.

• Alkara soft water prevents hair fall, and improves hair growth to the pool users. Alkara soft water makes hair smooth and silky • Hard water causes dryness, itching, rash, dry scaly skin and acne, discolor the skin color for pool users. alkara protects from all these problems.

Alkara soft water conditioner Lesser Maintenance charges

• Removes and avoids Minerals in hard water accumulates on pool cloudy stains on walls, gives clean pool walls, avoids frequent cleaning and lesser the pool maintenance charges.