What is hard water?

Hard Water has a high concentration of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium carbonates. If your home has hard water, you’ll notice mineral deposits, stains or a white film build-up on surfaces on bathroom fixtures, dishes, and sinks, porcelain, enamel, stainless steel, tile, chrome, fiberglass, and glass
Most of the people find the solution when they face the hard water problems because they just deal with the symptoms. The scale build up, the fouling, the rusting, the clogging ,salt build up and spoiling the pipes ,plumbing fixtures ,home appliances , and machinery. Prevention is better than cure. Before facing the problem we can easily avoid these problems with the help of alkara soft water conditioners.

Alkara soft water conditioners is good and best solution for hard water problems than salt softener. Alkara soft water Conditioners do not chemically make the water soft, simply changes the water chemical structure of the hard water before it touches the plumbing equipment.. Then you wouldn’t have to treat the water by adding chemicals , salts ,manually chip off the scale or replace the equipment Alkara is an eco-friendly natural water softener technology , no usage of salts resin and chemicals so, it is safe for humans, plants , animals and machinery eqipment.

Alkara soft water conditioner not only makes your hard water soft, it pulls existing old scale from plumbing system and equipment which formed over months & years and dissolves in a few weeks or months, depending on your pipes condition. No ordinary salt water conditioner can do

Hard water problems on pipes and plumbing fixtures

• Hard water build up scale formation, causes clog and pipe corrosion. • Hard water Damages and decrease the pipes life and efficiency, changes water quality. • Water pressure will be lower, may clog completely, once they become completely blocked, your pipes will have to be replaced. it wastes your money • Scale buildup and rusted pipes need more maintenance; this increases your plumber maintenance charges.

Hard water Clogs shower heads and bath tubs

• Mineral deposits from hard water can build up around the openings in your shower head; bath tubs causing clogs that results lower the water pressure of your shower jets. • Clogs Soap scum or “soap curd” on bath tubs, showers, inks and other surfaces. • Hard water prevents soap from cleaning and dissolving completely. Instead, the soap bonds with the minerals in the water to form a film or “curd” that sticks to everything and causes a soap scum ring in the bath tub.

Hard water Damages, Reduces efficiency and life of home appliances.

• Hard water damages & efficiency of geysers, water heaters, steam generators, washing machines, dishwashers and ice makers. • Hard water buildup scale deposits in geysers and water heaters it leads to frequent repairs • Hard water decreases the life of geysers, steam generator heaters, washing machines and dishwashers, leads to fail earlier, increases your electricity bills and possibly require you to replace. • Scale decreases the efficiency of geysers this leads to increase electricity bills. Increased water from a build-up of minerals on heating elements in hot water systems and steam generators.

Hard water causes stains and dirt

• Hard water causes stains look ugly on bathroom tiles, floors, taps, kitchen dishes, bathtubs, sinks and appear cloudy stains on glassware and shower rooms. • Hard water doesn’t not cleans dirt properly, hard to remove, mineral deposits cling to floors and tiles this causes to use more detergent, more water and more effort. • Hard water stains on Jacuzzi, wash basins, glass doors gives dull and old look.

Hard water how effecting on dishwashing

• Lime buildup on dishes, gives dirty look. • Cloudy white residue left on your glasses and silverware, which are left behind when the water evaporates from your dishes. • Reduces the foaming and cleaning abilities of soaps and detergents. requires more soap, washing powder, Water.

How Hard water effecting in irrigation and nursery plant growth

• Decreases Crop production & crop quality • Prevents the proper growth of plants • Decreases water absorption perfectly to the plants • Hard water causes to decrease size of fruits, vegetables, taste and effects on flower blooming • Minerals in water Blocks the dripper and sprinkler with scaling. • Hard water build up scale formation, causes clog and pipe corrosion. • Hard water contains large amounts of salt and bicarbonates, it harmful to all plants • Hard water leaves behind scale and water stains on surfaces. which will eventually begin to repel water. • fertilizers have a very high salt content, watering your plants with a fertilizer and hard water solution will result in an even heavier residue, making watering even more difficult

Hard water problems to swimming pool

• Hard water buildup scale formation in your pool’s pipes and filters it restrict free water flow. • Hard water damages & efficiency of pool water heaters , it leads to frequent repairs • Hard water causes hair fall, makes hair dry and unhealthy, prevents hair growth to the pool users. • Hard water causes dryness, itching, rash, dry scaly skin and acne. discolor the skin color for pool users. • Minerals in hard water accumulates on pool increases cloudy stains on walls looks ugly it causes frequent cleaning of pools and increases pool maintains charges.

Algae Problem

• Hard water builds up scale formation, causes clog and pipe corrosion of pool water pipes. • Algae may color the water green, look unclear and dirty plants can die. • Lowering of the oxygen levels of the water as it slowly suffocates, • Red Tide is a marine algae that can kill fish and marine animals, and adversely affect people as well. • An increase of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and decrease of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) so the water was unhealthy and higher maintenance charges. • Inhibiting the growth of wanted water plants by shading them, • Clogging of the water pumps, Dead algae causing odors, and looking ugly

Alkara soft water Conditioners do not chemically make the water soft, simply changes the chemical structure of the hard water before it touches the equipment.,your equipment. will be safe .

ALKARA – your maintenance free water treatment solution!