Alkara Water Softener Solution For Industry.

Alkara soft water Conditioners is custom manufactured water conditioning unit to meet your specific industrial requirements.
No matter what application you require, is large or small we can make it!
No matter what application or equipment you are having problems with hard water, you get the solution!
Installing an Alkara soft water Conditioners will result in reduced maintenance costs, allow equipment to work more efficiently and protect your investment in capital equipment.

These are the best benefits of industrial equipment.

• Stops and removes hard water scale formation and corrosion.
• Avoids hard water problems in industrial or commercial applications.
• Keeps cooling towers, piping and condensers clean thereby saves time, electricity and maintenance costs.
• Maintains low bacteria levels by eliminating biofilm
• Improves the longevity and performance of your equipment and Reduces energy costs
• Low cost, easy to install and easy to maintain
• 100% environmental friendly, Does not contribute to toxic aerosols
• Protects your valuable evaporative coolers from natural elements by reducing white scale deposits so they are no longer a problem.
• Air conditioners can clean easily; it doubles your cooling pad life & extends the life span of the pump. Reduces water slime, reduce your carbon footprint

See the extraordinary yet every day proven results in these Commercial Case Studies.

Air conditioners
Bores (wells, ground water)
Car washers
Cooling towers
Caravan parks
Centre pivots
Filtration systems
Fish ponds
Hot water systems
Hot water ring mains
Ice machines
Irrigation systems
Mining industry
Ornamental lakes
Poultry farms
Swimming pools (Domestic and Commercial)
Steam generators
Town/Municipality/City water systems
Waste water treatment plants