Better Growth of Plants

Improving Irrigation Water Naturally. Thousands of farmers in the world now enjoy improved cropping with ALKARA soft better quality water…Probably the Best Natural Water Treatment in the World.

Perhaps you can relate to some of the problems we have helped overcome.

Alkara soft water conditioner provides many benefits & save three valuable resources – Water, Energy and Money.

  • Safeguard the soil for future generations by lowering soil salinity (Patented tech.)
  • Improves Water penetration.
  • Reduces water usage.
  • Encourages plant and crop growth.
  • Increases Crop production & crop quality.
  • Greater yields Reduces leaf burn

Alkara soft water increases the size and taste of fruits & vegetables

Fewer fertilizers required Reduces the effects of salts and minerals in all water It increase the size of fruits, vegetables, taste and effects on flower blooming

Protects Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

Unblocks the dripper and sprinkler with scaling. Prevents build up scale formation, causes clog and pipe corrosion. Drip irrigation lines stay clean Ball valves and taps operate smoothly Inhibits algae growth – stock troughs and tanks remain cleaner Provides a more usable water supply Easy to install and is virtually maintenance free Individual soil particles with tiny droplets of conditioned water. Not only does your soil become more permeable but it is able to retain its moisture content for longer periods. soil soaks up conditioned water up to 84% faster… because the mineral particles in conditioned water are reduced to a smaller size. Mineral particles and salts in conditioned water no longer adhere to the leaves to the same degree and so leaf burn is reduced considerably. Conditioned water is absorbed more rapidly into the ground, evaporation is reduced so you need less water. We suggest reducing your watering time by up to 20%. Indeed, some customers report water savings of 30%.