Comfort, recreation and relaxation – this is what guests expect from their hotel and resorts accommodation. What would happen if brownish rusty smelled water comes out of the taps, or if only a trickle of water comes out of the bathroom pipes due to problems with lime scale and corrosion & Guest never likes stained floors and taps. Alkara soft water conditioner gives best solutions for all these problems.

Protects Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

• Alkara soft water conditioners protects and keep your pipes and plumbing fixtures from scale free, clog free and protects from pipe corrosion.

• Alkara soft water conditioner protects, enhances your pipes life and efficiency, no need to replace frequently, gives water flow without interruption, it saves your time and money.

• Improves taste and increase water flow, gives crystal clear quality water.

• It keeps your shower heads and bath tubs clog free and stain free from soap scum and mineral deposits and gives sparkle clean look.

• Alkara soft water conditioner Protects and improves efficiency and life of home appliances, avoids frequent repairs of geysers, water heaters, steam generators, washing machines, dishwashers and ice makers and coffee makers

• It removes and avoids scale deposits in geysers, water heaters, dish washers, washing machines and other home appliances which related water.

• It increases, protects and efficiency of geysers, water heaters, steam generators, washing machines this avoids frequent repairs and leads to fast water heating with lesser electricity bills, no replacement & can save your money.

Alkara soft water protects and improves skin and hair health.

• It prevents and controls hair fall, makes your hair smooth, shiny, encourages hair growth. • Alkara soft water protects the skin from discoloration, itching, rash, dry scaly skin. • Increases foaming and removes dirt properly, gives better clean with less soaps and shampoos properly. • Avoids soap clumps cling to your skin and their stickiness gives smooth and shiny skin. Gives proper lather in the showers and tub baths.

Clean and perfect laundry

• Avoids Dingy and yellowed laundry problems and extra rinsing, removes sticky soapy residues easily. Protects clothes texture from damage with less soap and washing powder. • Increases the foam and cleaning abilities of soaps and detergents with less soap and washing powder • Avoids scale, rust formation, repairs and improves efficiency of washing machines with less power consumptions with lesser electricity bills. • Avoids Minerals, dirt and soap stick to your clothes, gives colored clothes appear new and clean look. Removes dirt and soap properly with less water. • Alkara water helps to clean and dissolve completely. Instead, the soap bonds and avoids minerals in the water to form a film or “curd” that sticks to the clothes. • soap clumps cling to your clothes and their stickiness attracts the dirt that the washing machine is trying to get out of your clothes this causes to use more soap, detergent and power • Alkara soft water conditioner gives better wash and removes dirt perfectly with less soap powder and less water. It also avoids soap clumps, stickiness, better soluble, gives smooth wash and protects cloth color and structure. • It increases efficiency of washing machines and protects from scale formation, enhances life saves money, avoids frequent repairs and fast water heating, lesser electricity bills and avoids repairs and replacement.

Alkara soft water conditioner removes, cleans stains and dirt properly .

• Gives stain free sparkle look on bathroom tiles, floors, taps, kitchen dishes, bath tubs, sinks and disappears cloudy stains on glassware and shower rooms • Removes and avoids mineral deposits cling to floors and tiles with less detergent, less water and with less effort. Jacuzzi, wash basins, glass doors gives new and sparkle look. • Increases the foaming and cleaning abilities of soaps and cleaners with less soap and less water.

Alkara soft water conditioner perfectly works for dishwashing

• Avoids Lime buildup on dishes, gives sparkle look • removes dirt, stains and soap easily and perfectly, Gives better foaming and easy cleaning with less soap water. • Avoids stains and Minerals stick on your dishes, removes dirt and soap properly with less soap and water.

How Alkara Soft water effects plant growth in Garden

• increases Crop production & crop quality, • increases the proper growth of plants • increases water absorption perfectly to the plants • alkara soft water increases size of fruits, vegetables, taste and improves good flower blooming. • Removes Minerals in water which Blocks the dripper and sprinkler with build up scale formation, avoids clog and pipe corrosion. • Fertilizers have a very high salt content, watering your plants with a fertilizer and hard water solution will result in an even heavier residue, making watering even more difficult ,using soft water is best solution to avoid this .

Alkara Soft Water effects in swimming pool

• Removes and avoids from buildup scale formation, clog and pipe corrosion in your pool’s pipes and filters and encourages to free water flow. • Avoids damages and frequent repairs, Improves efficiency of pool water heaters. • Hard water causes hair fall, makes hair dry & unhealthy, and prevents hair growth to the pool users. Alkara soft water makes hair smooth and silky • Hard water causes dryness, itching, rash, dry scaly skin and acne, discolor the skin color for pool users. Alkara protects from all these problems. • Removes and avoids Minerals in hard water accumulates on pool cloudy stains on walls, gives clean pool walls, avoids frequent cleaning and lesser the pool maintenance charges.

Rid of Algae problem

• Algae may color the water green, look unclear and dirty plants can grow. Alkara soft water conditioner gives clear, clean water and kills the dirty plants. • Improves of the oxygen levels of the water & avoids fish from suffocation • Red Tide is a marine algae that can kill fish and marine animals, and adversely affect people as well. Alkara Soft water prevent from red Tide (marine algae). • Inhibiting the growth of wanted water plants by shading them • Avoids Clogging of water pumps, from Dead algae causing odors and looks clean and neat