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Natural Solution of Hard Water Problems


Worldwide successful EP technology

ALKARA advanced eco friendly electrolysis technology brilliantly solves various hard water, lime scale problems instantly for residential and commercial. This innovative eco friendly EP Technology converts hard water to soft water naturally, without using any Salt, chemicals and magnets, produces un limited uninterrupted soft water continuously without harming our beautiful environment, ALKARA giving total home hard water solutions, Prevents lime scale formation and stains on taps , heaters, tiles and floors , keeps clean and Removes existing lime scale blockages from pipes and plumbing fixtures, providing uninterrupted unlimited soft water. ALKARA works with zero Maintenance, prevents unnecessary maintenance costs, protects home appliances, extends their life span, saves water and electricity. alkara soft water conditioner protects our beautiful skin and hair from hard water problems, prevents dryness by protecting our natural oils! this green building technology giving complete lime scale and hard water problem solutions for the residential, commercial, construction, agriculture, industrial, poultry and aqua. Moreover Alkara innovative eco friendly technology solving hard water problems without harming our beautiful environment in simple way wilth less effort .

No More Lime Scale Problems

Why Choose Alkara Soft Water Conditioner?


Protect Your Skin and Hair From Hard Water

Hard water dries skin and hair and damages severely, leads to many skin and hair problems dandruff, hair fall, itchy scalp pimples and damages your natural skin tone and natural oils. Shampoo soaps not gives proper lather. Alkara soft water conditioners gives natural solution for these problems by convert hard water to soft naturally, prevents dryness, itching and discoloration, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. And controls hair damage, dryness, hair fall and dandruff by protecting natural oils, helps to makes your hair soft and silky.

Protect Your Home Appliances From Hard Water Problems

Hard water causes Limescale deposits on heating elements of geysers, dishwashers and boiler tanks, damages home appliances and decrease the life time, Alkara soft water conditioner converts hard water to soft water naturally and prevents lime scale ,encourages fast water heating, Saves Electricity, Prevents Lime Scale Forming and Heater Coil Burnouts, Extends life span of geysers, heaters and boilers. Reduces maintenance problems and unnecessary costs.

Enjoy A Hassle-Free Laundry With
Alkara Soft Water Conditioner!

Washing cloths with hard water not removes dirt properly and leaves mineral deposits on your clothes that can cause your whites look dingy. detergents Not mixes properly in water and gives less lather,Laundry will stiff and dirty even after washing,cloths will discolored and not durable, soap scum can be left behind on your clothing even after laundry and Leads to premature fading of fabrics.

Hard water problems can be prevented by installing Alkara water conditioner to the washing machine or to the home. Alkara converts hard water into soft water instantly, produces more foam, cleans clothes properly and removes soap residue with less detergent and less water, preserving the quality and color of clothes.



Hard water weaken the constructions, walls and pillars and leads to wall cracks and not absorbs water properly. Decrease the life time of buildings. ALKARA water conditioners can increase the strength of constructions and enhance building life span, optimise concrete mixing, Buildings absorb soft water better, preventing cracks in walls, pillars and ceilings. When used for bricks making, soft water avoids breakage and makes bricks strong.



Hard water forms Limescale deposits and stains cling to pool walls and floors. Pools looks dirty and leads in hygienic conditions. Increases maintenance problems. Alkara water conditioners converts hard water to soft water naturally and makes water clean and crystal clear, minimises maintenance problems, and decreases the usage of cleaning chemicals, prevents odour and algae problems, so swimmers can enjoy soft water baths in clean and hygienic swimming pools while avoiding hair and skin dryness.



Hard water has high concentration of calcium and magnesium, which affects plant growth and soil structure. Limescale build-up in pipes and drippers block the irrigation system doesn’t allow the water to the plant, it’s severely affecting crop production.

Alkara conditioners make hard water soft, so soil and roots absorb it perfectly. They protect soil quality ph, increase crop production & quality, reduce leaf tip burning and decrease vegetation period. Prevents lime scale formation and Drip and sprinkler system Without lime scale blockages allows uninterrupted water flow. Minimizes pesticides usage, helps to better organic plant growth and enhanced blooming.


fishing Icons

Alkara conditioners encourage healthy organic prawn cultivation by preventing odour and algae problems and keeping ponds clean. They balance pond pH level, reduce need for aeration, help boost immunity and decrease mortality by avoiding pesticide usage

poultry Icons

In poultry farms, ALKARA conditioners avoid maintenance expenditure and extend life of equipment. The chickens have uninterrupted drinking water supply, preventing diseases, boosting immunity and decreasing mortality rate.

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Alkara soft water conditioners range employs state-of-the-art electrolysis mechanism to catapult your life out of hard water hassles. Made with unique technology combining 72 different kinds of alloys like gold, silver, copper, brass bronze, aluminum and iron etc, our conditioners never use any kinds of salts or resins to transform hard water into soft water. Alakra Soft Water Conditioners Prevents and Neutralizes high levels of Calcium and Magnesium in an eco friendly way providing immaculate soft water to your Residential Commercial and Industrial purposes.

Using our array of world-class conditioners prevents and gradually removes the Lime Scale, stains and corrosion in your plumbing jargon. We use the Principle of Turbulence to breakdown calcium and magnesium into nano particles thereby neutralising the hard water into soft water as given by nature in the first place. Alkara’s range is also adept at retaining the useful minerals which helps you stay healthy without the use of electricity and chemicals

How safe is your top water? Tired of muddy, smelly water?

Tap water sometimes gets polluted and contaminated with smelly colored water with mud , dust and sand makes you sick. Alkara UF Water filters are the best solution for sediment, mud, sand and smelly problems for your apartment or house.

ALKARA’s advanced ultra-filtration systems efficiently remove mud, sand, and dust particles from water pipes and plumbing fixtures, preventing blockages and eliminating unpleasant odors. These systems ensure crystal-clear, uninterrupted water flow while maintaining a clean and clear appearance, free from muddy coloration.


Ro systems removes 92-99% healthy beneficial calcium and magnesium from water, it leads to many diseases.

Know your PH Balance.

Our Modern Life style Habits, Polluted Air, Junk Food, Alcohol, Smoking, Soft Drinks & Lack of Physical Activity, Making our Body Toxic acid,

Consuming alkaline Water helps to Remove Acidic Wastes from our Body and prevents Diseases.


  • Rice Mills
  • Spinning Mills
  • Power Plats
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Heating System
  • Humidification
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas RO Plant
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Conditioning
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