Comfort, recreation and relaxation – this is what we expect from our homes. What would happen if brownish rusty smelled water comes out of the taps, or if only a trickle of water comes out of the bathroom pipes due to problems with lime scale and corrosion & we never likes stained floors and taps. Alkara soft water conditioner gives best solutions for all these problems.

Alka-G2. Gyser use

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Alka-W3. Bath tub use

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Alka-T1 Wc/Toilet use

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Alka -W3. Solar gyser use

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Alka-T1 Tap use

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Alka-T1 Ro use

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Alka- T1. Shower use

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Alka-W3 Washing machine use

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Alka-W3-Dishwasher use

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Protects Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

• Alkara soft water conditioners protects and keep your pipes and plumbing fixtures from scale free, clog free and protects from pipe corrosion.

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Alkara soft water protects and improves skin and hair health:

• It prevents and controls hair fall, makes your hair smooth, shiny, encourages hair growth.

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Clean and Perfect Laundry:

• Avoids Dingy and yellowed laundry problems and extra rinsing, removes sticky soapy residues easily. Protects clothes texture from damage with less soap and washing powder.

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Removes, Cleans stains and dirt properly.

• Gives stain free sparkle look on bathroom tiles, floors, taps, kitchen dishes, bath tubs, sinks and disappears cloudy stains on glassware and shower rooms

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Alkara soft water conditioner perfectly works for dishwasher:

• Avoids Lime buildup on dishes, gives sparkle look.

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Alkara Soft water effects plant growth in Garden:

• Increases Crop production & Crop quality, Proper growth of plants and water absorption perfectly to the plants.

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Alkara Soft Water effects in swimming pool:

• Removes and avoids from buildup scale formation, clog and pipe corrosion in your pool’s pipes and filters and encourages to free water flow.

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Rid of Algae Problem:

• Algae may color the water green, look unclear and dirty plants can grow. Alkara soft water conditioner gives clear, clean water and kills the dirty plants.

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Here’s what our happy customers had to say about our product and services:

Alkara Soft Water Conditioner Product is Working Good.

Hemalatha; Chennai

Working Good

Royal Nest; Chennai

Best Alkara Water Softener product for removing scale in pipes.

CH Venu Gopal

Alkara with good product and service. need to recommend to others who are facing from scale problems.

Durga Venu Gopal Rao

Professional at Work and Good Serviced Product with prevention of scale in pipes

Vijay Kumar

Residential Soft Water

River Feel Water

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